About Fisher Australia

Fisher Australia is all about helping clients optimise their software estate.  We provide vendor independent Software Asset Management SAM Services to help clients meet their licence obligations and entitlements. We also provide a secure SAMaas fully managed service from our Melbourne office where your data and communications do not leave Australia.  Certifications are a priority for all Fisher Australia practitioners who are CSAM certified by IAITAM, the internationally recognized body in addition to our certifications for Flexera and Snow.  We take pride in our experience and up to date knowledge of discovery tools such as ILMT, BigFix and SCCM.

We are truly independent from software vendors acting solely in the interests of our clients under non disclosure.  Our advice and reporting is completely confidential and we do not receive revenue from any software licensing eventuating from customer over-deployment, nor do we resell software from any vendors.

Fisher Australia individuals have unique knowledge of the practice of software audit and vendor tactics to maximise their return on investment.

We also assist clients after an audit letter is sent by a software vendor and during Enterprise Licence negotiation.  Our mandate is to establish a set of procedures and strong governance that helps clients proactively manage their license life cycle and planning process.

All Fisher Australia individuals are certified Software Asset Management practitioners.  Our IATAM and CSAM certifications, which require annual re-certification gives us a framework and rigor that sets us apart from many other organisations providing SAM Services.

It is this framework, that lasts the entire software life-cycle rather than just during a reactive audit or license negotiation that generates the true software savings and these savings will be far greater than the headline claims often made by software audit firms.

We advocate a proactive rather than a reactive approach to Software Asset Management based on solid experience that has demonstrated true financial software savings for our clients.

If you are looking for vendor independent SAM, Audit Defence or Project Management – Fisher Australia is ready to assist. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Meet the Team

Bruce Connelly

is the Director of Fisher Australia and a member and certified by the IAITAM with 33 years experience in IBM Software and Services. He was the Software Client Leader for the IBM’s Software group’s largest customer – IBM Global Technology Services and was responsible for the software revenue flows between the two organizations.

Bruce is also certified with SNOW Software for its Licence Manager and currently training in the Flexera Suite. He has an Honors Degree in Science from Melbourne University. Bruce lives in Melbourne.

Sue Hope

is a founding partner of Fisher Australia and an IATAM Certified Software Asset Manager.  Sue has experience in diverse roles in the IT industry over 35 years including Brand Unit Executive for IBM’s Information Management products, IBM Software Commercial Sector and Channel Executive, and assignments for IBM Software Group across Asia Pacific.

Sue played a major role in transforming IBM’s routes to market for Software Group.  She also  established high value channels to extend the capabilities of deploying software to IBM’s customer base. She has led teams of high performing sales and technical individuals who have been instrumental in helping large and mid-sized customers with the successful deployment of IBM software for key projects.

Sue holds a Business Administration degree from University of Colombo. She is studying for her Masters degree of Business Administration from UTS and lives in Melbourne.

Rica Weller

is a founding partner of Fisher Australia and an IAITAM Certified Software Asset Manager. She worked as IT Architect and Software Consultant for IBM System z (mainframe) and cloud solutions for 16 years. Rica’s experience includes Project Manager, Redbook leader and author, Critical Situation Manager as well as IT Solution Designer.

Rica has extensive knowledge in capacity planning, software asset management across System z and distributed environments. She has negotiated successful Enterprise System z Licensing Agreements  identifying cost savings through re-bundling, retiring and consolidating licenses for clients.

Rica has a Masters in Business Studies (Massey University New Zealand).  She also has an Honors degree in Business Administration (University of Technology, Dresden Germany). She lives in Sydney but also calls New Zealand her home.

Richard Liew

is an IAITAM Certified Software Asset Manager. He has more than 25 years’ experience in complex transition and transformation programs and projects.

Richard lead and managed complex application and infrastructure transition and transformation programs for client data centres. He also managed development and implementation projects for disaster recovery of client application services. His successes include deploying IBM’s Cloud Managed Services infrastructure within tight time frames.

Richard’s experience includes infrastructure asset registration and reporting of cloud migration projects. He also managed vendor relationships and migrations of client business applications to cloud.

Richard is certified in the Operational Foundation of the Flexera Operations. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computing from Monash University, and lives in Melbourne.

Damien Schellings
started his career designing Printed Circuit Boards and home automation in South Africa.  He also has expertise in designing, building and maintaining telecommunications networks and managing operations in data centres.
After emigrating to Australia Damian assumed responsibility for Giclee Media’s IT assets and service delivery.  He also has extensive skills in IT operations and Microsoft Windows administration.  He is also one of the few people in Australia certified in the Flexera Operations FlexNet Manager Suite – Operational Foundation. Damian is currently studying for the Flexera Installation certification.
Damien spends most of his spare time on water cooled extreme overclocking CPU experiments.