Australian SAM Cloud Services


Our Australian SAM Cloud Services offer unique value to customers who have diverse footprints of software from various vendors.  Meeting your obligations and entitlements for each product can be a resource intensive as well as costly exercise.

Your reports are retained on our secure SAM platform at our Fisher Australia premises.  Your data as well as communications never leave the country.

Fisher offers a cost effective service to track, report and advise clients on how they are meeting their licence obligations.  We review your usage fortnightly and send you monthly reports required by your software vendors.

Our industry leading dashboard from Flexera reconciles data from many vendors. This allows clients a concise view of their compliance on software agreements.

This service allows our clients to proactively manage their entitlements.

Acquiring a single view of licence usage by individual can be a challenge for many organisations and can contribute significantly to overspend in a software contract.    We reconcile the records from discovery tools and acquire a single view of licence usage by individual or entity.  We normalise and reconcile the data collected so our clients get a view of usage by individual which is critical in order to achieve savings on your software spend.

Struggling to meet your ILMT, ELP or other obligations?  Give us the challenge.  We work with your IT Team and establish our service in a matter of days so you can start receiving the required reports at a fraction of the cost of doing the work inhouse.

Download our Software Asset Management As A Service Brochure

Please email us at if you have any questions about our service or wish to discuss your SAM requirements.  You can also call us for a confidential discussion in Melbourne on 03 9036 9960 and Sydney on 02 9045 8804.