Network Visibility Services

Getting A Handle On Your Network Costs And Performance

Are you looking to get optimal performance on your network without increasing your spend on additional Network capacity?

Do you have good visibility on the tangible benefits of running Microsoft and other applications in the cloud?

Hosting applications on the cloud can mean an explosion of data on your network forcing  you down a path of purchasing more network capacity which won’t solve your long term problem.

Are you missing the visibility that lets you anticipate and act on unforeseen and unexpected increases in network costs?

Fisher Australia can help you gain visibility into the performance and potential costs increases in your network with our Network Visibility Service.  To get the most from your network resources and the best performance from your mission critical apps, you need to proactively prioritise the allocation of your network bandwidth.

Our service will facilitate the optimal performance of your Microsoft cloud applications or any other environment without spending more money on increasing your Network capacity.

With a minimum of disruption we can give you full insight into the performance of your network over one week.  You will be able to review comprehensive reports and dashboards which show you exactly what is happening on your network.

Network Visibility Services

One of the many network performance dashboards provided by Fisher Australia

Our report will also include comprehensive recommendations on steps your organisation can take to optimise your network performance.  This can happen down to workload, application, individual email ID or IP Address depending on your requirements.


  • Full visibility into network activity that you won’t see from your routers & other products
  • Proactively manage expenditure for your Network capacity
  • Avoid network blowout costs with full insight into:
    • cost savings by network line
    • automated alerts on bandwidth activity
    • visibility on network activity that your routers cannot identify such as socket level activity
    • alerts and visibility on Windows Updates, recreational usage and other key applications and workloads
    • which users get priority service from services such as Remote Desktop Program (RDP) users
  • Choose who gets priority on your Network with apps such as MYOB or Star Track Express
  • Proactively de-prioritise on workloads which impact your customer service
  • Gain instant visibility and shape the performance on your network
  • Identifies activity in network packets, Windows Updates, recreational usage by incoming and outgoing IP address
  • Gain insights into your savings each month using our visibility and shaping service
  • Allows you to take proactive steps to enhance your customer experience

Some feedback from customers using the service

“we were able to identify and take corrective action on recreational downloads instantaneously”

“our windows updates are no longer constraining our network and impacting our customer service”

“we can now make informed decisions about spending money on additional network capacity”

What Fisher Australia Do

We will work with your nominated Network practitioner or Managed Service Provider to install the probe.  This will take approximately 5 minutes to setup our probe which will sit inline between your firewall or main router and your switch.  The impact to your network will be a loss of internet for 60 seconds and less than 1% of your network capacity while our probe is collecting data.

We will review your data remotely on a daily basis in case there are some obvious network issues that should be highlighted to you before the end of the week.

After one week of collecting data we will de-install our probe and present you with our key findings via dashboards, reports and recommendations which your staff can use to make the necessary improvements.

Want to discuss this service in more detail?  Email us at and we will call to discuss how we can help you.