ILMT As A Service

ILMT As A Service

Fisher Australia’s ILMT as a service helps IBM customers avoid the complexities of Passport Advantage, ILMT and IBM’s licence obligation requirements. These are some of the frequent questions IBM Clients ask about their obligations to run ILMT – IBM Licence Metric Tool:

  • Do we need ILMT?
  • Where do we get it and what does it cost?
  • Where do we install it and how and what data do we need to collect?
  • Which reports does IBM require and how do we create them?
  • How do we maintain our ILMT environment?
  • How do we make sure that we fulfill all the IBM compliance obligations with ILMT on an ongoing basis?
  • Is ILMT enough to pass an IBM audit?

Passport Advantage And ILMT (IBM Licence Metric Tool)

As an IBM customer who has signed up for sub-capacity pricing under a IBM Passport Advantage agreement you will have an obligation to run IBM’s Licence Metric Tool (ILMT).  IBM also requires you to retain regular ILMT reports for at least 2 years.  These reports are critical if IBM and their appointed agent decide to conduct an audit of your software, or to renegotiate a new agreement with IBM.

ILMT measures your usage in your virtualised environment. It helps to ensure you dont pay for the full capacity of your servers when IBM audits your business. While free, ILMT can be difficult to install, manage, and maintain, not to mention the quarterly reporting obligations.

Recognising the changing needs of our clients and the complexity of IBM’s requirements using ILMT  Fisher Australia now offers ILMT as a service on our platform.  Your data and communications never leave Australia.

We offer a fully managed ILMT service from our Australian cloud which does not interfere with your daily operations letting you focus on your business critical projects.

What You Can Expect From Our ILMT Service

  • We run an ILMT assessment workshop to understand your specific network and security requirements and your IBM Software implementation.
  • Fisher Australia uses 256 bit encryption via a secure connection for your peace of mind.
  • We assist with the network setup in your environment of a secure communication to our ILMT server and ILMT agent installation.
  • We run and maintain the ILMT server environment in our infrastructure with no effort required by you. Fisher Australia is responsible for patches, fixes, updating the ILMT product libraries – following IBM recommendations and obligations.
  • All  your ILMT reports are securely archived for 24 months and maintained for 24 months after you de-install IBM licences.  This is to ensure you fulfil your IBM requirements.
  • Our extensive IBM license and agreement experience allows us to offer normalisation and classification as well as reconciliation services for your IBM licenses. We also take care of changing product names, bundling considerations and duplicates.
  • Reports are distributed to your appointed staff.  We also provide feedback about completeness or discrepancies in the collected information between reports.
  • We can also analyse your reports to identify risks and provide recommendations for your IBM Software optimisation.

Monthly Review Of Your ILMT As A Service Report

As a client you simply review your ILMT reports to ensure you meet your IBM Passport Advantage obligations and we take care of the rest of the effort required to ensure you are meeting your IBM Software licence obligations.  We then store them safely for easy retrieval in an audit or review situation.

To tailor a special offer for you please contact us for a confidential and free initial consultation.

Need Some Help With Your Existing ILMT Environment?

If you already have or plan to have a working ILMT server environment we also assist with:

  • Assessing your requirement to establish ILMT as well as recommendations on the architecture and processes.
  • Installation and Configuration of ILMT Server as well as installation of ILMT agents if required.
  • ILMT Usage and Maintenance as well as monitoring the health and efficiency of the ILMT environment.
  • ILMT report creation and analysis as well as archive and retrieval.
  • Conducting a regular review of your environment and processes and also ensuring all your licence obligations are met.

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