Need Help With An Software Audit

Just received an Audit letter from IBM – what are your options?

Before you allow the vendor’s auditor access to your environment its critical to get some independent advice and help which can significantly reduce the financial outcome.

At this point, it is critical that you take immediate action as you can significantly reduce the financial consequences with timely action.  Many software vendors use third party audit firms to conduct their customer audits.  It is very likely that any findings will trigger further action from other vendors, usually with the same third party auditor, compounding your financial risk.

Fisher Australia have been helping many customers in Australia to achieve significant reductions on the outcome of their vendor audits.  Our expertise has assisted customers to reduce the financial outcome and establish a governance process to ensure they are covered for future audits.

We have a well established track record of assisting customers with their IBM Software audit and defence.  We work closely with your IT, Network, Procurement and your inhouse Legal resources to ensure that all aspects of your review are properly managed to deliver the best possible outcome for your organisation.  Fisher do not resell software products and we work independently from any software vendors, so you can be sure that we are focused on achieving the best outcome for our customers.

So before you provide any information to the vendor or their auditor talk to us about the best way to approach the situation.

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