Are you paying your Telco too much

Are you paying your Telco too much

Want to get optimal performance on your network without increasing your costs?


Are you missing the visibility that lets you anticipate and act on unforeseen and unexpected increases in network costs?

Fisher Australia can help you gain visibility into the performance and potential costs increases in your network with our Network Visibility Service.

Our service will facilitate the optimal performance of your Microsoft cloud applications or any other environment without spending more money on increasing your Network capacity.

With a minimum of disruption we can give you full insight into the performance of your network over one week.  You will be able to review comprehensive reports and dashboards which show you exactly what is happening on your network including:

  • live 1 second traffic visibility
  • layer 7 DPI
  • zero-config deployment
  • Restful API
  • Cloud based management
  • Historical analytics
  • Multi-tenancy

For more information go to our Network Visibility Services Page

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