SAM On The Cloud

SAM On The Cloud

Moving from on premise to a single or multiple Clouds. Have you considered all the risks and financial exposure for your organisation?

If you are already using a single or multiple cloud environments there are lots of benefits and challenges to consider.  Your current Software contract/s don’t give you automatic compliance moving to the cloud.  There are many hidden clauses in software vendors contracts that could cause financial exposure when you move platforrms.  You may only find out about the exposure when your vendor conducts an audit which is too late for you to effect a positive outcome for your organization.

Fisher Australia has helped many customers manage their Software Assets while transitioning from on premise to the Cloud/s.

Its likely your licence entitlements may change depending on the platform your Cloud vendor is using.  You need a clear view of what your current and future deployment on the Cloud will look like before you sign up.  Fisher has assisted many customers moving from on premise to single and multiple clouds with the most cost effective and lowest risk approach for their Software licences.

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